Best Medical Schools in Europe

best medical schools in europe

Are You Pondering Medical Studies Abroad? (EU-Based Students Only)? If this is something that interests you, one question you might be wondering about is whether studying abroad would make the process simpler or harder. While studies in Europe may seem “easier”, given that degrees typically take less time and acceptance rates are typically higher than US schools – many factors must be taken into consideration before choosing where and when you wish to enroll in medical studies abroad.

Some of Europe’s leading medical schools feature excellent teaching facilities and attract top graduates worldwide. One such example is Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, which holds the top ranking among university medical schools according to EduRank and excels at cutting-edge research, clinical education and healthcare collaboration; its mission includes improving people’s lives. They collaborate closely with healthcare services so their physicians can continue improving their practices as they continue learning new ones themselves.

Other medical schools you should research include University of London and Erasmus University Rotterdam. Both offer an interdisciplinary approach to medicine and boast high academic citation rates; additionally, both have vast clinical experience which will help develop your skills while improving patient care.

Oxford University is another great option for anyone considering studying abroad in Europe, known for its long history and supportive environment. Admission may be competitive due to being an ivy league school; however tuition rates are much lower compared to what would be found in the United States and free for EU citizens.


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