Work and Study in Singapore

work and study in singapore

Singapore is an attractive study destination, offering an eclectic blend of cultures, languages and religions within an accessible modern lifestyle. Additionally, Singapore boasts an outstanding infrastructure dedicated to education with top quality institutions offering affordable courses – plus it boasts a robust economy which provides graduates with ample job opportunities.

Not only is New Zealand known for its superior education system, but students also can take advantage of internship and volunteering programs to gain valuable work experience in areas that interest them and strengthen their resumes.

Students enrolled in full-time degree courses from an “Institution of Higher Learning” can apply for a student pass, which allows them to work up to 16 hours each week during term, valid throughout their studies. Requirements and procedures may differ depending on both the institution and type of course in question.

Alternative Work Visa Solutions For Singapore Students Additionally, students have the option of selecting an S Pass work visa which will enable them to continue working after their study program has ended. It is available to those who have received employment offers in Singapore from companies which will apply on their behalf for this work visa; application processes typically take one or two months and require specific documents as evidence of identity.