Cheap Postgraduate Courses in Australia

cheap postgraduate courses in australia

Studying postgraduate courses in Australia can be expensive, but some universities provide affordable courses to international students without compromising the quality of education. Some even offer scholarships that help reduce tuition fees – making it easier for many people to pursue their dreams.

Some of Australia’s top cheap universities include University of Divinity, University of Melbourne, Griffith University, Victoria University and Charles Darwin University – to name just a few. Each has an excellent reputation and provides international students with affordable degrees. Furthermore, each has different intake dates that enable students to select an ideal time and date to begin their studies here in Australia.

Other aspects to keep in mind when selecting a university include its courses, facilities and career aspects. Furthermore, make sure the university is internationally recognised through checking its accreditation as well as being eligible for a visa to study there.

As well as tuition fees, other expenses must also be considered such as rent, food, electricity, water, gas entertainment and phone expenses. On average you should expect to spend between $30-60 each week on these expenses. You could also consider applying for part-time jobs during your study in Australia; however please remember that only certain hours may apply during any term of study.