European Universities That Teach in English

European universities are long a beloved choice among English-speaking exchange students. No wonder, considering their longstanding history of producing world leaders as students and top rankings on international rankings. What many students don’t realize is that European universities also offer some graduate and postgraduate degrees entirely in English – something many don’t realize until after taking an exchange program!

One of Europe’s oldest universities, this UNESCO-recognized institution offers courses in languages, law, science, economics and information technology. Situated in Pecs, one of Hungary’s vibrant cultural cities that has long been considered attractive destinations for students studying, Pecs University also serves as an excellent choice for internship or work experience placement opportunities.

Jenn Viemont, our site founder, holds an immense admiration for RTU University as it offers exceptional student support services and is an extremely hands-on, practical school. Being the largest polytechnic university in Latvia with many programs – engineering, IT and business studies taught entirely in English – offering great value and boasting outstanding employability statistics is another reason she admires RTU so highly.

At the heart of Shanghai lies one of the world’s best business schools – an institution known for offering 17 fully English undergraduate and master’s degree programs across arts, humanities, social sciences and business to international relations, urban studies and archeology. Additionally, this university enjoys an exceptional reputation and features prestigious dual degree programmes with both US and UK universities.