How to Study Abroad With Scholarships and Grants

How to Study abroad with scholarships

Tuition costs and savings accounts can make studying abroad increasingly unaffordable for many students; fortunately, however, scholarships and grants exist that make studying abroad possible for everyone.

Scholarship eligibility requirements depend on your intended study abroad location; for instance, scholarships available specifically to African countries offer funding options to cover your education in Northern or Western African nations with European and Middle Eastern influences, and Southern or East African nations known for safaris and wildlife migration experiences.

Scholarships available may also vary between merit- and need-based awards, with merit scholarships typically being granted based on academic performance, while need-based ones might take into account your financial needs. Many scholarships require specific criteria be met; so be sure to read and follow instructions as well as deadlines when pursuing these opportunities.

Your new university abroad can also present many opportunities. Schools that want to attract international students typically offer scholarships as an incentive, either as lump sum money to be put towards your expenses or, sometimes, for covering the total cost of certain programs or courses.

An effective way to fund a study abroad experience is identifying scholarships designed specifically for your intended country or region. One such scholarship offered by the U.S. State Department called Freeman Awards for Study in Asia seeks to increase American student’s exposure and understanding of Asian cultures first hand.

Some scholarships are provided by individual universities while others come from external organizations dedicated to global education. There are even scholarships that cover fees, health insurance premiums and provide a stipend for postgraduate studies overseas.

Once you’ve conducted research and identified scholarships that suit you, it’s time to start the application process! Remember, competition for these scholarships can be fierce so make sure you apply early and completely. In order to stand out from the crowd and ensure you stand out as much as possible when making your application, be sure to emphasize any volunteer work or extracurricular activities which demonstrate who you are as an individual as well as demonstrate why these opportunities would suit you well.

Be sure to pack your passport and prepare for your journey by staying hydrated, eating healthily, and getting sufficient sleep before setting out! Don’t forget your student ID card either so that you can take advantage of discounts at museums, restaurants and attractions worldwide!


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