Study in Ireland

Study in Ireland can be an ideal destination for international undergraduate and graduate students seeking an outstanding education in an innovative country with high quality of life. Ireland is well known for its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, rich history and architecture as well as contributions made towards music, literature, film and art productions.

Dublin is Ireland’s capital city and home to some of its top universities. This vibrant and energetic city features restaurants, bars, theaters, museums, parks, sporting events and concerts that can keep visitors occupied throughout the year.

Ireland is an excellent and welcoming study abroad destination, but it is essential that international students prepare adequately before embarking on their study abroad journey here. Take time to familiarise yourself with Irish culture and daily life in advance so you have an enjoyable study abroad experience!

Ireland boasts an exciting and diverse community that makes it the ideal place for international students. Additionally, Ireland is home to numerous multinational corporations offering jobs across fields like finance, technology and professional services – making finding work after you graduate much simpler!

Ireland is a popular study abroad destination because its universities consistently rank highly. Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork and UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School all appear in the QS World University Rankings each year.

Selecting the ideal university is key to your success. There are various factors to keep in mind, including campus location, size, field of study and student life – which the CIEE Study Abroad Guide to Ireland can assist you with in making an informed decision that fits best with your unique situation.

When choosing a university in Ireland, it is essential to keep the academic system different than your home country in mind. In order to ensure you possess all of the skills and knowledge needed to successfully complete your degree program, consider selecting one offering foundation courses; these provide a bridge between previous studies and Ireland’s academic system – pre-law degrees, MBA programs or nursing studies may all offer foundation courses as viable options in Ireland.

If you are an international student planning on studying in Ireland, before entering, a visa application may be necessary. To do this, various documents including personal statements, financial support documents and academic transcripts will need to be provided as proof.

Irish government offers an attractive post-study work program for international third level graduates. Under this scheme, graduates with both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees can stay for one or two years after graduation – providing you with ample opportunity to gain invaluable work experience before beginning their careers with an international company. You may be eligible for extended stay through Green Card schemes for certain underrepresented industries.


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