Study Engineering in Europe

study engineering in europe

Learning engineering in Europe can provide a tremendously advantageous pathway to building your career. European universities are well regarded internationally, while living costs in the country remain more affordable for students. Furthermore, Europe boasts clean environment and comfortable lifestyle features which attract some of the most acclaimed educators and academicians from all over the globe.

The University of Cambridge in the UK is one of the oldest and best engineering universities. Focusing on research, Cambridge boasts global connections which afford its graduates excellent opportunities to secure top jobs after graduation.

Imperial College London in the UK is another esteemed engineering school, offering various engineering courses and known for its strong research and industry links. Engineers at this institution have made important contributions towards robotics, cars and nuclear power plant developments – not to mention researching ways to produce advanced lattice-structured materials.

France, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria all offer universities that specialize in engineering called grand ecoles (grande ecoles). These distinguish themselves from public universities by specializing in only certain disciplines and often featuring selective admission processes; graduates of grand ecoles receive their diploma d’Ingenieur which is internationally recognised – it’s equivalent to earning a master’s degree elsewhere.


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