Study in USA After 12th Science

There are an array of arts, commerce and science courses offered at USA universities. To be accepted by top institutes requires meeting certain criteria: these may include attaining a minimum percentage score on Class 12th Board Exams, an English Language Competency test (ELCT), taking either the SAT or ACT test depending on which university, writing an outstanding Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation; planning this process ahead can take time; it is recommended starting planning at least a year ahead to avoid potential rejection of applications due to even minor errors!

US colleges provide world-class education across an array of science subjects including biology, chemistry and physics as well as engineering disciplines including civil, computer science and electrical engineering. Furthermore, this country boasts some of the top universities worldwide that attract students from around the globe.

Many Indian students choose commerce courses in the US because of its globally recognised degrees, which offer highly demanding and rigorous coursework that opens up a wealth of career options. Students may enroll either for two- or four-year undergraduate degrees according to their affordability.

American universities also provide a variety of extra-curricular activities and sports for their students, such as ice hockey and football teams for both genders, singing/dancing clubs, literary societies and theatre activities to develop an encompassing personality while aiding career growth.