International Trade Internship

international trade internship

An international trade internship provides students with hands-on experience in export and import operations. This internship can benefit those studying foreign languages, international business, economics, law or public policy as it exposes them to firsthand knowledge in these areas. An intern may work directly on export and import transactions as well as prepare presentations for office meetings, research new markets or answer queries from various sources.

Internship programs for international trade require applicants to be enrolled in a degree program with an emphasis in this topic, such as UNITC Internship Programme or ITA Internship Programme. Other requirements can vary by organization but usually consist of providing your resume and letter of recommendation.

Interning in international trade offers many benefits, from learning a foreign culture and working style, to building up a network of global peers and mentors that could assist with career advancement. Before an interview, it is essential to conduct thorough research of the organization in question, by reading their website, speaking with current or former employees or attending company events. An intern should come prepared to answer common interview questions regarding their skills and strengths as well as formulate an elevator pitch or short statement outlining what they offer the organization in order to show enthusiasm and willingness to be an asset to the team.


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