Postgraduate Programs in Canada for International Students

postgraduate programs in canada for international students

Canada is a popular choice among international students due to its high standard of living, safe environment, top-tier universities and generous scholarships. Canada also boasts an ideal combination of multiculturalism and bilingualism that makes studying here ideal if you want to acquire fluency in a new language; furthermore its universities boast some of the highest state budgets in OECD, providing access to outstanding research facilities.

Masters courses in Canada combine traditional studies with hands-on practical experience. For instance, an Electrical Engineering Masters will involve laboratory work alongside theory. A Psychology Masters can give you real world training by attending clinic sessions at nearby hospitals; or if you prefer business or management studies you could even obtain hands-on work experience via an internship opportunity.

An additional advantage of studying postgraduate in Canada is opening the door to permanent residency. By earning a masters degree here and having at least 12 months of skilled employment after your graduation, you can qualify for a working visa that allows you to remain until enough points have been earned in order to become a permanent resident.

In order to be eligible for study a masters in Canada, you will require sufficient funds for tuition fees and living expenses as well as proof that your return trip home can be covered. Furthermore, your chosen institution must fulfill their academic requirements as well as providing documents like bank statements, scholarship award letters, medical certificates or police checks as evidence of such eligibility.