Student Visa Checklist

As an international student, it’s critical that you have all of the appropriate documents when applying for a visa. There are stringent requirements you must abide by and providing incorrect documents can lead to an automatic denial. We can help! Here is our student visa checklist which should come in handy should any complications arise during your application process.

Countries often require students to provide evidence of their financial ability to cover tuition and living costs, so it is essential that original proof of funds be brought with you during a visa interview. This may include an original affidavit of support from sponsors or original bank statements showing total liquid assets or C.A. statements showing fixed and liquid assets within four to five days before your interview date.

Additionally, it is wise to bring with you a letter from your university stating they will cover your expenses throughout your course of study and sponsor you financially. Keep in mind that some countries require students possess minimum amounts in their bank accounts before being granted visas.

Bring along a letter from your parent or guardian confirming your strong ties with your home country and plans to return once your studies are finished. In addition, original birth certificates and passport copies for all accompanying family members, as well as proof of sponsorship for them.


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