Study Abroad Jobs

study abroad jobs

Studying abroad can open many doors to future jobs and career paths. One longitudinal study demonstrated that students who participated in an exchange semester abroad were more likely to find satisfying careers than those who didn’t study abroad at all. If you want a job related to what you studied abroad for, however, then knowing how to translate your experiences onto your resume and interview skills will be crucial in your job search success.

Study Abroad Advisor

A great job to consider for those planning overseas study experiences is that of study abroad advisor. You will work daily with students to guide them through the process of studying abroad – answering their queries about academic goals, budgets and policies as well as helping promote your organization on campus by attending fairs or making classroom visits.

An on-site coordinator position with a study abroad program provider could also be an opportunity for growth. You would be responsible for all aspects of program delivery on-the-ground abroad, from working with professors and program managers to create syllabuses and itineraries, to supporting students preparing to travel overseas as they transition into life overseas – emailing support throughout semester. In this position, excellent written and verbal communication skills as well as knowledge of country/region of job site location as well as basic understanding of visa processes are required for success.


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