The Best Place to Study in New Zealand

As teenagers begin school, they are frequently asked: “What will you be doing after graduating?” If their plans include studying abroad in New Zealand, this question becomes especially pertinent when making their move here.

New Zealand is well known for its world-class universities, yet also offers other qualities which make the country attractive to international students. Safety tops the Global Peace Index list while living expenses are relatively affordable – plus some of the finest business programs exist here too!

Christchurch is known as an inclusive and welcoming city for new students, boasting beautiful parks and gardens that showcase its English roots, giving students ample opportunities to appreciate nature while studying. Popularly referred to as The Garden City, Christchurch also houses several acclaimed universities such as Victoria University and Massey University which specialize in arts-related studies.

Wellington may be known for being New Zealand’s coffee capital, but that doesn’t diminish its significance as a cultural and social hub. Home to two of New Zealand’s prestigious universities – Victoria University and University of Auckland – that offer highly respected arts and sciences courses respectively, Wellington offers something for everyone.

Hamilton is well known as one of New Zealand’s friendliest places for international students, especially at University of Waikato which boasts the highest number of programs dedicated to foreign students and offers a “buddy system” whereby internationals are paired with locals who help settle them into New Zealand life. There are two other top universities nearby as well: Waikato Institute of Technology and Te Wananga o Aotearoa which also offer highly rated education programmes.


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