Top Architecture Universities in Europe

top architecture universities in europe

Architecture is an ever-evolving field that considers both how buildings appear and their functional capabilities. To become an exceptional architect, one needs a comprehensive education that equips them to deal with the real-life challenges faced by the industry.

Finding a top university to study architecture requires looking towards Europe for their education needs. Notably, top European universities will give you world-class education as well as equip you with knowledge needed to flourish in this ever-evolving and changing industry. There are also plenty of excellent architecture schools across the continent which can equip their students with all of the skills required for becoming well-rounded architects.

Roma Tre University stands alone when it comes to studying architecture in Rome. Offering three 2-year English-taught master’s programs that are highly affordable at only 2,924 euros each year, Roma Tre encourages its students to use their imaginations when coming up with innovative designs while offering double degree opportunities as well as connections with architecture firms that may offer internships or employment after graduating.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology stands out among traditional rankings as a high-profile technical university that envisions society with beautiful yet functional designs for the future. Their two year architecture graduate programs focus on sustainable cores and curriculums for optimal learning experiences.


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