Australia Study Visa Fees

australia study visa fees

There are certain essential costs involved with studying in Australia that cannot be avoided, including an application fee, tuition fees and living expenses. Your actual costs will depend on which course you select; please visit your university’s official website for more details on specific costs for that course. Also make sure that your currency conversion rates match those in Australia as it could make paying in different currencies more expensive than initially anticipated.

Applying for a student visa (Subclass 500) costs around $575 in application charges alone; additionally, Overseas Student Health Coverage must also be purchased for each family member that plans on joining you overseas. Furthermore, an authentic temporary entrant statement will need to be provided detailing that your stay in Australia will only be for educational purposes and that your studies will conclude after they’re finished.

English Language Intensive Courses (ELICOS) are short-term courses leading to a certificate or diploma, providing an ideal way of honing English skills and experiencing Australian culture. ELICOS generally range from $3,500 – $7,500 and must meet academic requirements as well as prove you don’t pose any risk of engaging in illegal activities.

Post-study work visas allow you to stay in Australia after finishing your course and gain valuable work experience. In order to be granted such a visa, however, it’s necessary to demonstrate good character and contribute positively to Australia. You will also require proof of financial support such as bank statements showing enough funds for you during your stay; and undergo medical examination and present a police clearance certificate as proof.


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