English Universities in France

english universities in france

France has long been known for its exquisite couture, Eiffel Tower architecture and world-renowned wines – but perhaps lesser-known aspects of French life that have gained more visibility are universities – many now topping the QS World University Rankings 2023 list!

Many schools offering English language instruction are attracting international students from all around the globe, leading to the rapid expansion of english universities in France.

Even if you choose one of the English universities in France, learning French remains highly recommended. Over 270 million people across 29 countries speak French; their natives will surely appreciate any attempt you make at learning their language – even if that means just learning enough French to say “je ne comprends pas” (“I don’t understand”).

Some colleges provide programs taught entirely in English, yet require their graduates to demonstrate a basic knowledge of French at graduation. One such college is American University of Paris – a private, independent liberal arts college located at the heart of the city that offers degrees in fields like history, business administration, international management and global communication.

Paris Sciences et Lettres University provides another excellent option for studying English: it is a public university offering undergraduate and master’s degrees. Renowned for its research-led education, this university boasts small class sizes with individual mentoring available as well. Internships and fieldwork opportunities ensure students will remain challenged and engaged throughout their time here.


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