The Cost of Study in France

cost of study in france

Planning to study abroad requires careful consideration of your lifestyle choices and budget, which will determine what type of university program can fit within your means and any associated costs you must consider. Living expenses tend to be higher in France than other countries such as France’s capital Paris or Lyon but by making good lifestyle decisions and sticking to an effective budgeting plan you may be able to survive studying there on less money than expected.

France offers more affordable tuition fees than many popular study destinations, and the French state subsidizes fees for international students at public universities, making a Bachelor’s degree possible for less than EUR 2,770 annually and an M.A. in around 3,770 euros yearly; tuition costs at private universities or Grandes Ecoles tend to be significantly higher.

Finding scholarships that will cover tuition and living expenses in France can also be done. They can be obtained from various organisations such as the French foreign ministry. Erasmus+ scholarship program has provided aid for over two million students globally so far; additionally some regions and towns in France provide their own international student scholarships – these may prove very helpful if you are considering studying there but uncertain of your ability to pay the costs involved – for more information about securing one, visit our Scholarships page.


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