Un Online Courses

un online courses

Are you interested in exploring UN affairs and developing your skills on this topic? Whether you have little prior knowledge, or are open to new perspectives and critical analysis, these online courses provide a fantastic starting point.

United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN) offers free training courses online for government officials and citizens worldwide, available in English as well as other official UN languages.

Develop the skills to cultivate an atmosphere of collaboration in your workplace, even under challenging conditions. This course helps you cultivate the ability to tune inward and address self-care needs while entering productive dialogue and building support systems for teams that function successfully in fast-changing environments.

UNECE Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standards has created this e-Learning platform designed to increase your understanding of legal instruments and standards related to inland transport and trade facilitation legal instruments and standards. You may access this resource self-directively online; as external funding becomes available additional courses and languages may be added as learning resources.

The SDG Academy is a free online learning platform which offers graduate-level sustainable development courses from UN institutions and top universities around the world, available to any interested individual who wishes to take them. These graduate-level courses will equip you with all of the tools necessary for effective changemaking as part of reaching the UN’s 17 Goals by 2030.