Work and Study Abroad Programs

work and study abroad programs

Are you seeking an opportunity to discover more of the world, gain valuable real-world work experience and expand your network? Consider participating in a work and study abroad program.

Living and working abroad offers incredible experiences that expand your worldview. Immersion into another culture gives you greater empathy towards others around the globe; an invaluable skill for any career path. Furthermore, these adventures help illuminate how different lifestyles, customs, and traditions shape our world.

Living and studying abroad provides you with exposure to new cultures, languages, and business practices that allow you to quickly adapt in new situations while developing facial and body language comprehension. All these skills will prove invaluable in an international marketplace and lead you on the path toward being more successful with your career goals.

Your time abroad provides you with an opportunity to challenge yourself, step outside your comfort zone and develop leadership and problem-solving skills that simply cannot be developed in a classroom setting. Your experiences will prepare you for entering the workforce; employers will recognize this international experience as a significant asset.

If you are considering applying to work and study abroad programs, make sure that you thoroughly research their application process, visa requirements and costs before proceeding. Some countries prohibit students from working while abroad and you will need to check with both program administrators as well as embassies of each country to understand your options.


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