Applying to the Best MBA Colleges in Canada

Canada’s top MBA colleges have attracted international students with their quality education and lucrative job offers, making them popular with international students looking for jobs with great payoff. An mba degree can lead to some of the most coveted positions and lucrative salaries; additionally, permanent residency will enable you to work within its dynamic economy.

For admission to one of Canada’s premier MBA colleges, applicants must meet certain requirements such as having a high GPA, strong work experience and writing an outstanding application. As the best MBA colleges have stringent admission standards and usually accept only a select few applicants each year, it is wise to start your application early as this gives ample time to craft an attractive and competitive application.

Many MBA programs in Canada require at least two years of professional work experience for enrollment; however, some programs will waive this requirement for candidates with significant work experience and an excellent undergraduate GPA. Furthermore, some MBA schools accept alternative standardized test scores such as GRE or LSAT in lieu of GMAT scores.

Admissions into top Canadian MB colleges can be challenging, but well worth your efforts. To maximize your experience, select a program with a diverse array of courses and specializations; additionally, seek financial aid packages as a means of mitigating tuition costs.