Exams Required to Study in the USA

exams required to study in usa

Those wishing to study in the US will typically need to pass some standardized exams in order to establish academic eligibility and language proficiency. These exams help universities compare students from diverse academic backgrounds, selecting those most suitable for their courses.

The type of test that you need to take will depend on both the university and your level of study. Some schools require students to present specific TOEFL scores while others may request GRE or SAT results instead. You may not even require taking exams in some instances if you already possess a post-HS degree from within your home country.

American universities and colleges offer an impressive variety of educational opportunities across every discipline, providing access to internships and career-related programs. You’ll have plenty of freedom to explore various subjects as you discover new passions or goals along the way.

The most commonly taken exams include the SAT/ACT, TOEFL, and PTE exams. While SAT is required by most universities for admission purposes and ACT is meant for graduate-level admissions, TOEFL serves as an English proficiency exam required by most US universities and more recently Pearson Test of English (PTE) has gained popularity with international students – 785 universities have begun accepting PTE scores despite being administered via computer-based test that provides students flexibility.


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