How to Find an Internship in Italy

internship in italy

An internship in Italy is one of the best ways to break into its workforce. Many large companies provide internship opportunities for both students and recent graduates – although opportunities may be limited.

Finding an internship in Italy is best done through personal networks and professional recommendations from professors or professionals in your field. Many internships go unannounced but filled through personal connections instead.

Though Italy is generally an open and progressive society, you should still prepare for some cultural differences when seeking an internship here. Hierarchy remains highly valued here and people expect great respect from those in higher positions. Additionally, work and personal lives tend to blur in Italy, so it is crucial that your professional demeanor remain consistent even though working conditions may seem less than formal at times.

As part of an internship in Italy, having an in-depth knowledge of Italian is required. Communicating with coworkers will be much simpler and navigating day-to-day tasks much simpler; building relationships among colleagues in the office is something Italians place great importance on; you may use multiple hand gestures when speaking or raise your voice to emphasise certain points more easily when conversing in Italian!


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