Study Abroad in International Business

Study abroad International Business

Experience in International Business can provide invaluable knowledge. Studying abroad provides a valuable opportunity to experience different cultural and business practices that shape how companies do business around the globe and will equip you better to handle any global business challenge that may come your way.

As our global society becomes ever more interdependent, businesses must operate across borders to satisfy a varied customer base. A degree in international business management equips you with an in-depth knowledge of the challenges businesses encounter when trying to operate internationally and how they can overcome those hurdles without disrupting daily operations.

Students pursuing international business degrees often spend at least one semester abroad as part of their program, providing them with invaluable opportunities to gain practical experience, expand their network, meet potential employers and boost their resumes.

International Business majors must study abroad on an academic program relevant to their region of specialization. The WSB global programs office offers many options that fit this bill, such as language learning programs, liberal studies offerings, engineering studies or life science research opportunities. You may also search the Education Abroad website to locate one.

Dependent upon the program you select, what you learn may vary widely; some programs will focus more on hospitality while others place more importance on banking and finance. No matter what direction your classes take, writing intensive classes are guaranteed as effective communication is key in international business.

Studies abroad will allow you to experience different cultures’ management styles and accounting practices; this can give you insight into working across cultures later. You may also gain creative ways of bookkeeping and budgeting as you become familiar with them.

International business can be complex and is the ideal way to learn its complexities; therefore, being open and learning from those around you is key to becoming an effective global leader. That way, your success as a future business leader will only increase!


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