Choosing a Degree Or Diploma in Canada

diploma in canada

Canada is an excellent country in which to pursue higher education. Not only does it boast one of the strongest global economies but its culture also embraces foreign students. But choosing between degree or diploma programs in Canada may not always be easy – depending on which option you go for, different opportunities will open up in your future.

Undergraduate Diploma

An undergraduate diploma is a shorter program than a full four-year degree and offers international students looking for expertise in their field but who do not wish or are unable to devote four years towards it. Most diplomas last two years with some offering co-op opportunities that let you combine academic studies with real work experience.

Post Graduate Diploma There are two varieties of PG diploma programs in Canada; one-year and two-year graduate diploma. A one-year pg diploma typically comprises two to three semesters and provides you with many skills that will increase employability.

Two-year postgraduate diploma programs will give you an in-depth knowledge of your chosen subject area – for instance business analytics or supply chain management. While these courses tend to be more costly than master’s degrees, they can often be completed much more quickly.


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