ESCians – One of the Top Study Abroad Consultants in Chennai

overseas study consultants in chennai

Studying overseas is the dream of many students. It offers them the chance to expand their horizons, make new friends and experience different cultures; while expanding career prospects and strengthening resumes. But, for this journey to take place smoothly they require the assistance of an overseas education consultant – these professionals can guide them from selecting a university to applying for admissions and visas as well as helping prepare entrance exams such as GMAT, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS entrance exam preparation.

ESCians stands out as one of the premier study abroad consultants in Chennai with its team of dedicated education specialists offering comprehensive counselling services for foreign universities. Staying abreast of international education trends allows ESCians to understand Indian applicants and offer accurate and relevant advice throughout their application process; helping select courses, secure scholarships and more!

This company provides test preparation services for the SAT, IELTS and PTE examinations. Students can utilize its website to apply to universities and courses they wish to enroll in while paying online for services rendered. Furthermore, this company can help Indian students navigate the cost of studying in the US which can often prove challenging; provide advice on the most appropriate country to study in depending on individual preferences; assist in finding an apartment suitable to their preferences; even assist them in getting jobs or internships related to their field of choice!


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