The Best Low Budget Universities in the World

Low budget universities

Students looking to study abroad often seek universities that provide good value. This is especially important if taking out student loans to fund your degree; fortunately there are plenty of universities with affordable tuition fees that provide quality education – from Europe and Asia alike – Here are some suggestions of where you might find some.

Affordable college options shouldn’t prevent you from realizing your study abroad dreams! There are various steps you can take to stay comfortable while studying, including finding an affordable college. With this list of the cheapest colleges at hand, narrow down your application and make an informed choice when selecting which schools to apply to.

Polk State College in Winter Haven, Florida tops our list for affordable universities. This public institution provides an ideal choice for students looking to obtain a bachelor’s degree at an economical cost. Bachelor degrees offered include supervision and management studies, criminal justice studies, nursing science, aerospace sciences and early childhood education – along with graduate programs dedicated specifically to each of them as well as master’s degrees in criminal justice studies and supervision and management studies respectively.

Berea College in Kentucky, USA tops our list as another budget-friendly university. Berea is an all-female liberal arts college renowned for its affordability and commitment to social change; tuition fee coverage by scholarships covers 100% of tuition cost with student faculty ratio being 1:9.

Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA tops our list of affordable universities worldwide. Established in 1766, this public research university offers affordable tuition fees with classes typically consisting of 20 students per class.

College of Staten Island in New York City tops our list for cheap universities, being public as well as affordable. Recognized as the number one college by Princeton Review for students. Renowned for its science and engineering programs as well as public computer labs used by members of the community.

STEM degrees offer excellent return on investment, so studying abroad could be worth your while if that is what suits your budget best. And with smart financial choices after graduation, paying back loans shouldn’t be an issue! Do your research to find an affordable university that meets all of your criteria – best of luck!


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