Why Study Abroad in Ireland?

why study abroad in ireland

Ireland, being home to many English speakers in Europe, boasts an international reputation for higher education with world-class facilities at your disposal. You’ll find instructors here who expect you to become an engaged learner – expecting the best work out of you and expecting you to do your best work ever!

Ireland is known for its strong sense of community and tradition, making settling in easy. Irish people are warm and friendly, making settling in easier. While in Ireland you can immerse yourself in its rich cultural scene by participating in events such as St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, traditional sports competitions or music festivals.

As well as visiting iconic landmarks and historical sites like Dublin Castle or Rock of Cashel, Ireland also boasts over 30,000 castles and castle ruins dotted throughout its countryside to provide you with a glimpse into its rich past. Kiss the Blarney Stone to test whether it truly does grant the gift of gab; experience history first-hand by touring Dublin Castle or Rock of Cashel; witness its splendour at Dublin Castle’s Wintergarden or take an airship ride over to Scotland for some sightseeing – you’re in for a treat!

Study abroad experiences in Ireland provide you with an invaluable opportunity to broaden your horizons and experience something truly transformative: “Education isn’t preparation for life – it’s part of it”-and nowhere is this more evident than in Ireland.


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