Cheapest Study Abroad Programs Revealed

cheapest study abroad programs

Study abroad programs present students with an amazing opportunity to expand their horizons while furthering their educational pursuits, but it comes at a price. Therefore, it’s essential that they plan for what it will cost before embarking on such an experience.

Study abroad programs vary significantly in price depending on various factors. Tuition may be the main expense in one’s budget, but other expenses must also be factored in such as housing, meals, transportation costs and books and supplies. A quick review of some cheapest study abroad programs shows there are opportunities out there that make these experiences more accessible.

Rutgers University in Cardiff, Wales can cost students roughly $19,000 including out-of-pocket expenses and scholarships available to reduce this total cost. Other ways to make study abroad more affordable include selecting a faculty-led or exchange program through your home university; these types of programs tend to be cheaper than third-party providers as these may include fees specific to each program and also cover registration and housing matters for you.

Study abroad advisors can be helpful when conducting your research and finding cost-effective options. Furthermore, websites like studyabroadreviews provide useful comparison services and showcase what other students have experienced – it is important to read reviews closely as rankings may simply reflect average scores from one person’s experiences.


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