How to Get PR After Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is an exquisite country that makes an excellent study destination, providing excellent facilities to enable students to pursue their study programs and build careers. Furthermore, New Zealand allows its citizens to bring family members with them as permanent residents in addition to being granted permanent residency after finishing studies there. If this sounds appealing to you and you wish to immigrate post study then read on and discover how pr after study in new zealand works!

Step one in becoming a permanent resident in New Zealand is to obtain a residence visa, which can be achieved by fulfilling certain criteria set by immigration authorities in that country. Note, however, that resident visa eligibility criteria differ significantly from permanent residency visa eligibility and length – generally speaking a residence visa lasts two years with potential extensions being possible indefinitely.

Step two of applying for skilled immigration involves filling out a skill-based immigration category application. This point-based system awards points for key details about you such as age, education and work experience. Once you’ve achieved 160 points or more on this assessment process, an Expression of Interest (EOI) process may select you to submit an application for visa consideration; those applying with their family must bear in mind that non-principal applicants cannot submit before their primary applicant.