Study in USA After 12th

study in usa after 12th

Study in usa after 12th is the dream of many Indian students. Unfortunately, getting into an elite university in the USA can be long and complex process that takes considerable planning to accomplish successfully. Even minor mistakes could cause rejection during application processes; furthermore, study costs in America can be expensive so having enough savings set aside should you choose this path will be key to successfully complete it all.

Undergraduate Courses in the USA Undergraduate programs in the United States are four-year programs which lead to a bachelor’s degree. These courses allow you to explore various disciplines before choosing your major. Furthermore, an education obtained in America opens doors to untold job opportunities.


Undergraduate engineering courses in the USA provide students looking to pursue a career in this field with many options for specialisation across civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering disciplines.


American universities provide many commerce courses at university level. A course in commerce will enable you to develop skills related to finance, economics and accounting – essential skills for business success that could open up many career paths. Marketing courses also teach how to promote products or services by driving sales and promoters; there are many job opportunities in this field from entry-level roles all the way up to senior management roles – while internship opportunities give an additional edge in industry knowledge.


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