The Best Country For Study and Work

best country for study and work

Selecting a country for study and work is a monumental decision made annually by hundreds of thousands. Students that choose to study abroad discover an untapped world of opportunity while building skills and experiences to make them more marketable in future careers – indeed, University of California Merced reports that 97% of graduates with degrees from international universities find full-time employment within one year after receiving their diplomas.

Switzerland has long been one of the top study abroad destinations, boasting high quality of life and world-renowned universities that make studying there an appealing option for international students. Switzerland provides courses spanning business, engineering and science; additionally its ski resorts, vibrant cities and beautiful countryside make for an idyllic learning environment.

Australia (known to locals as Straya) is widely considered one of the best nations for studying and working. Boasting nine distinct regions and 20 UNESCO World Heritage sites, as well as an eclectic culture mix – here, one can learn to surf at Manly Beach or Broome; hike in Daintree rainforest; or admire architectural masterpieces such as Sagrada Familia in Barcelona – Australia is truly an ideal study and work destination!

Canada is an attractive choice for students wanting to study and work due to its robust education system, low tuition fees and scenic landscape. Canada hosts Ivy League schools and internationally-ranked universities – while graduates can obtain work permits valid for three years post graduation to help build their careers.


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