How to Find a Work and Study Program in Canada

work and study program in canada

Working while studying can be an excellent way to experience Canadian culture, improve professional abilities, and earn some additional cash. No matter whether or not you plan to remain in Canada after graduation, work experience gained here can add depth and dimension to any resume that will set you apart from other job seekers during application processes.

Public colleges that specialize in programs targeting those seeking employment in Canada or immigrating permanently offer programs tailored toward those looking to do either, typically at lower cost and offering high quality education.

International students enrolled in programs lasting six months or longer may qualify for accessing the Student Working Permit program, which entitles them to work up to 20 hours per week while in study mode and full-time during scheduled breaks. Some universities also provide co-op courses which combine periods of both study and employment in order to provide a more immersive educational experience.

Your choice of study has an enormous bearing on whether or not you qualify for a Student Working Permit. When selecting an academic program, make sure that it aligns with both your projected career path or previous education, and can demonstrate its value to you professionally in terms of expanding current campaigns or growing new ones. As an example, selecting data analytics courses wouldn’t make sense for marketing professionals without clearly explaining how such knowledge would assist their growth in their respective industries.


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