Study Abroad in New Zealand

new zealand study abroad

New Zealand boasts beautiful movie-worthy landscapes, but also boasts a vibrant culture and progressive society, along with superb volunteer opportunities. Home to people originating from Polynesian islands, Europeans and East Asian migrants – New Zealand provides an amazing chance to explore cultural diversity and unique traditions.

Study abroad in New Zealand provides the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the Maori culture and belief system or explore its vibrant music scene, or gain an edge in your field by participating in its top education system and universities that rank highly globally. Visiting for either semester or year could prove immensely enriching experience!

The University of Auckland offers an IFSA-Butler program, which enables you to enroll directly in four courses with inquiry-based learning at its core. Students learn how to apply their knowledge in real world situations through three week internship at a local school as well as international placement options.

On-campus housing combined with built-in activities and excursions will make you feel right at home in New Zealand. IFSA-Butler programs offer various housing options including traditional dorms and apartments; living on campus gives you a chance to meet other students from all over the world while making friends easily adjusting to a new culture; also, some dorms offer private rooms so that after an exciting day exploring you can rest easily!


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