Study at Home NZ

Study at home NZ can be an ideal way to achieve high-quality education without the constraints of traveling to campus. This form of learning has become increasingly popular due to globalisation and digitalisation, with this becoming an option for some students; though others may prefer attending university directly. There are various advantages to studying from home NZ such as reduced distraction from family and friends and saving travel and living expenses while attaining internationally-recognized qualifications that will further your career ambitions.

New Zealand universities are widely respected, due to the stringent academic and research programmes in place at each. International students enjoy excellent pastoral care from their institutions which must meet a Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of International Students.

New Zealand is an idyllic and safe study abroad destination with over 1 million international student enrollment. The people are welcoming of new ideas and perspectives; making New Zealand the perfect place for making lifelong connections.

Discover New Zealand’s rich biodiversity by participating in a science program or an outdoor adventure activity-based course, or stay with a host family to experience local culture first-hand or make international friendships in university accommodation or student house-share.


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