The Best Study Abroad Apps to Get You Started

best study abroad apps

Studies abroad can be daunting and stressful; not just in terms of making new friends and passing your classes; there’s also the added stress of navigating an entirely foreign city in a strange language while remaining safe while staying connected with loved ones back home. Luckily, there are apps designed specifically to make studying abroad less taxing, more fun, and easier to manage.

Here are a few study abroad apps to get you started: XE Currency: This app provides real-time exchange rates and allows travelers to plan long-term budgets and transfers. In addition, there’s a traveler’s guide and recommendations for restaurants and attractions so students feel confident when making spending decisions.

TripAdvisor: With access to over 100 million reviews from travelers worldwide, TripAdvisor is an essential app for any traveling student looking for accommodations, restaurants or attractions to visit – not to mention sharing itineraries with family and friends!

Duolingo: Duolingo’s popular app assists all students in learning new languages through gamification, making it especially helpful when studying abroad in countries whose native tongue differs significantly from their own. Duolingo offers reading, writing and speaking lessons in 25+ different languages – providing users with reading, writing and speaking abilities in them all!

Mint: Mint is an accessible finance app designed to make staying on top of spending and credits simple for students, with features such as budget planning and tracking spending. With its 256-bit encryption and multi-factor authentication protection systems, your data and finances remain safe from harm.


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