Getting PR in Ireland After Study

Ireland, an idyllic island nation known for its robust economy and vibrant student population, boasts an abundance of relaxing opportunities that draw international students each year. Dublin boasts some of the world’s highest-paying jobs while an increasing number of international graduates choose Ireland as a place to settle after finishing their studies.

International students who meet certain eligibility requirements can secure permanent residency in Ireland after study. It involves working hard and strengthening your academic profile so that a post-study work visa will be easily granted, then applying for permanent residency after that. Your duration of stay also plays a crucial role when seeking PR here, so it is vital that this part is handled efficiently.

Rachel, an international student from India, completed her Masters in Ireland and obtained a Critical Skills Employment Permit. By working two years under this permit, Rachel qualified to apply for a Permanent Residence visa in Ireland.

Acquiring Permanent Residency in Ireland is an integral step towards making this beautiful nation your home. To qualify, applicants must meet several criteria including length of residence, employment status, language proficiency and compliance with immigration laws. We’re here to guide you through every stage of attaining PR; Maxxcell’s team of immigration experts have you covered so they can ensure the best results are reached.