How to Apply For a Canada Study Visa

canada study visa

Canada study visas allow students to come to Canada to pursue their studies. To be eligible, several requirements must be fulfilled such as having an acceptance letter from your university and having a passport that has at least six months validity left on it, along with proof of funds (this could include bank statements or sponsorship letters from sponsors as proof), or official financial documents from your university if receiving scholarships or financial support from them.

After you complete your studies, it is also necessary to demonstrate that you will return home after graduation by providing evidence such as a letter of explanation or showing you will have enough funds for travel back home when your studies end. Furthermore, your criminal history must be clear – to prove this you should obtain a police clearance certificate from local authorities in your country of study.

At an authorized visa application center, you will also have to pay a non-refundable application fee and submit your fingerprints for processing of your visa. While this step can be costly, its worth it in order to ensure a seamless visa experience – once approved you will receive both online confirmation as well as either a port of entry letter or an eTA depending on which country it applies for when arriving in Canada.


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