How to Study in New Zealand For Free

Students seeking to study in New Zealand without paying tuition have several options at their disposal, from university scholarships and government grants/loans available across all countries to covering tuition fees – particularly beneficial are grants/loans for low-income families.

Students looking to qualify for the government’s fee-free policy must satisfy several requirements in order to be eligible. First and foremost, they must have lived in New Zealand for three years prior to beginning their studies, paid all taxes within New Zealand, applied for an undergraduate degree program with free fees associated with it (excluding direct fees such as uniforms, text books/tools etc), activities or any required NZQA fees etc).

Students considering studying in New Zealand should take care to be aware of its cost of living and plan accordingly. Furthermore, saving for any potential gap periods between graduation and entry into their chosen field would also be wise; international students on certain visas are permitted to work full-time during holidays as this helps lower living expenses in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a stunningly beautiful country, brimming with stunning landscapes that offer opportunities for hiking, skiing and bungy jumping alike. Thanks to its smaller population size, New Zealand makes an excellent place for students beginning a life in another country without feeling overwhelmed.


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