The Wingara Mura-Bunga Barrabugu USYD Summer Program

summer school usyd

The Wingara Mura-Bunga Barrabugu Summer Program gives high school students an unforgettable university experience. The aim is to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people to continue their studies by giving them insight into campus life as well as meeting potential academics or employers for future studies.

Every year 230 young students gather at the Sydney Latin Summer School to gain knowledge about its culture and history. While Latin remains popular today with religious communities and military units, no native speakers remain. Therefore this learning experience allows students to appreciate how Latin was once an essential language that fuelled a vibrant society and culture.

USYD Camperdown/Darlington students may choose between living at Regiment student accommodation alongside local and international students, or living on campus at USYD Camperdown/Darlington campus. Their program offers courses including environmental studies, business management and global public health.

Participants also take part in an extensive range of social and cultural activities, designed with them in mind. They’ll have the chance to explore their city with fellow participants while attending workshops from experts in various fields. Furthermore, off-campus events include trips to visit The Reserve Bank of Australia (Business), The Downing Centre Local Court (Humanities & Law), as well as other sites of interest guided by friendly mentors.