Things You Should Know About Studying in China

china international students

China’s top universities and ancient history draw international students from around the globe to study here, while research in artificial intelligence (AI), quantum science, space technology, big data, life sciences and hypersonic flight is becoming an attractive destination. China also attracts international students seeking advanced degrees and career opportunities.

Chinese colleges are well known for their affordable tuition costs, making a degree more accessible than in many other top countries. And depending on where you choose to study, scholarships may be available from your home country, the Chinese government or even the university itself.

Many of the country’s universities offer degrees taught entirely in English and have established relationships with international schools for academic recognition of their degrees. Some institutions require students to sit an entrance exam while others don’t – policies vary depending on which university you enroll with.

No matter your goals – short-term language courses, an academic year program, Master’s or PhD studies – there are options for international students in every field at Chinese universities. But before embarking on your journey there are several key points you must keep in mind before making your journey:


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