Undergraduate Courses in Australia

undergraduate courses in australia

Australian undergraduate courses with the most popular enrollments include physics, information technology engineering and architecture. These disciplines are in great demand due to their ability to create jobs and help create a more equitable world.

Consider what type of student life you desire when selecting a university. With 9 out of 10 Australians living in urban areas, there will be ample opportunity for you to be part of an urban and bustling community if that’s what appeals. However, study options also exist in the hinterland with campuses built alongside unspoiled bushland or nature reserves for a different experience altogether.

Universities typically offer bachelor degrees that span six semesters full time or longer, and an associate degree serves as a great entryway to one.

Take a postgraduate certificate or diploma, both at level 8 on the Australian Qualifications Framework, which can lead to more specialised career paths. Or go further by doing a master’s degree, which sits at level nine and may even be considered essential prerequisite for certain roles.

Consideration should be given to the tuition fees you will owe when enrolling at an Australian university. Most universities provide their fees listings on Study Australia so you can quickly compare costs; also keep in mind that international student fees are limited, meaning they will never exceed certain amounts; many times this could even be less than in their home countries!


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