Ireland Student Visa Requirements

ireland student visa requirements

When applying for an Ireland student visa, several supporting documents must be presented that demonstrate you meet its requirements. Without all these documents, your visa application may be rejected; one key document being an acceptance letter from your Irish college that includes course details as well as how the qualification will be assessed.

Proof of Financial Support – To demonstrate that you have at least EUR500 available per month of your stay or EUR3,000 (whichever is lower), bank statements or notarised sponsor letters provide reliable evidence. Medical Insurance Coverage for Duration of Stay in Ireland – As proof of coverage it would be beneficial if your school offered group insurance policies which can serve as proof.

Once you have all of the required documentation, you can submit your Ireland study visa application to INIS. This process typically takes up to eight weeks; applications can be sent directly or sent by post directly to an Irish embassy near your location.

As part of your application process, you may be required to present additional documents including a notarized sponsorship letter, proof of employment or income, an explanation letter if there are gaps in your education or career history, police certificate, medical report and biometrics fee. Once approved, an Irish student visa will be stamped into your passport that allows for entrance and employment within Ireland.


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