MS in Canada For Indian Students

Canada is an ideal location to pursue master’s studies as its world-class education systems and training combine multi-cultural environment and immigration-friendly systems to create a world class experience for its students. Crime rates and racism levels remain extremely low here; fees typically range from CA$8k – CA$50k depending upon university/course chosen by students.

Canada stands out as an affordable destination to study master’s in comparison with Australia and the US. Students may even work part-time while attending classes to supplement their income and afford living costs.

2022 will witness some of the top universities offering MS degrees, such as University of Toronto, McMaster University, York University and the University of Alberta. Each institution boasts an outstanding record in academic excellence and industry-focused learning; these top-ranked Canadian institutions also offer courses across various areas such as medicine, IT, environmental science, aerospace engineering and economics.

Minimum CGPA requirements to gain admission into top-ranked universities range between 7-7.5 (Indian Standards). It is prudent for students with backlogs to apply, though their Statement of Purpose must provide convincing justification of their situation and must meet minimum admission standards.

Students studying in Canada can also avail education loans from HDFC Credila – one of India’s top education loan providers who offers funding options for MS students in Canada(Click Here). Funding covers tuition fee as well as living expenses like accommodation, food, books & stationary purchases as well as transportation costs.


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