Short Term Study Abroad

short term study abroad

Short term study abroad programs offer students unable to commit to semester or year abroad an alternative solution. By setting a fixed timeframe and having set coursework deadlines in mind, this option can help alleviate culture shock and homesickness as well as keep focus on coursework completion.

Short term programs may be run directly by universities or third party program providers and can include everything from housing and cultural activities during your trip, to direct enrollment options with higher tuition costs. While costs are usually higher when enrolling directly through third-party providers, short term programs offer convenience and tailored support that many students find appealing.

This integrated research review examines literature regarding the rising popularity of short-term study abroad programs. The literature is organized into four thematic areas encompassing academic, intercultural sensitivity, personal, and professional development. Assessment includes both consistency of findings as well as gaps in knowledge.

No matter if you are an academically inclined student looking for their first study abroad experience or a aspiring professional looking for international exposure, ViaTRM offers short term programs suitable to you. Simply navigate to the Programs tab in ViaTRM and choose Faculty/Teacher Led Programs filter to view short term programs available this year; depending on eligibility considerations, additional steps such as disciplinary checks may be required prior to being officially accepted into any program of your choosing.


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