Study Abroad For High School Students

study abroad for high school students

Studying abroad presents high school students with an academic challenge that will develop language proficiency, cultural understanding and tolerance as well as improving adaptability – skills that will come in handy both during college life and professional careers. Studying abroad also makes resumes stand out more when applying to colleges or interviews for jobs.

High school students looking to travel overseas for summer, semester or even an entire year can choose from many programs designed specifically to help them do just that. Options range from language immersion courses and cultural excursions, volunteer opportunities and full immersion boarding schools; plus they provide students with an invaluable chance to experience new cultures first-hand and uncover history as they travel between nations.

Cost of these programs varies widely depending on their length, location and organizer; to get a general sense of cost it’s wise to search multiple programs; students should speak with both their guidance counselor and teachers regarding its impact on class load and graduation requirements before making their decision.

If you choose a program in Asia or Central America, be aware that living there will require much more adaptation than going to an English-speaking country. Cockroaches, unrecognizable food items and overcrowded buses could all pose challenges that need to be dealt with before travelling abroad.


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