Study Abroad Summer Programs

study abroad summer programs

Imagine reading Romantic poets while immersed in lakes and mountains in England or debating Plato and Homer at an ancient acropolis in Greece while studying foreign languages abroad as part of a summer study abroad program! These experiences can give students life-altering academic and cultural insights.

Organizations such as IES Abroad and CIEE offer structured experiences where you take courses with other students in your cohort, take cultural excursions together, travel around a country or continent together, as well as being provided prearranged housing with some costs covered through required fees.

Budget your travel costs accordingly and seek scholarships or grants as early as possible; saving thousands could mean significant upfront savings!

Once you know which programs you wish to investigate, it’s advisable to compare prices for direct enrollment and third-party providers. Don’t forget that scholarships typically cover program fees rather than semester tuition costs; also if using Pace financial aid for your program application approval must first occur and cancellation/withdrawal policies should also be strictly observed if withdrawing.


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