Study and Work in Australia

study and work in australia

Study and Work in Australia Part-time work experience and income is an attractive prospect for students wanting to broaden their international horizons, cover living expenses more easily and build professional contacts. Many universities and colleges offer internship, work experience or student entrepreneurship programs designed to prepare them for life outside the classroom; volunteering is another effective means of gathering invaluable work experience while becoming part of a community.

Salaries for student jobs in Australia depend on factors like industry, location (with higher-paying positions in larger cities), qualifications and entry-level status; however, entry-level roles typically pay between $25-$35 an hour.

Postgraduate students frequently complete traineeships or assistant roles related to their field of study. Students may also undertake paid research roles or internships as part of their course. It’s wise to check with your university careers, international counselling or employability office for information regarding job opportunities both on and off campus.

Working while studying can be an invaluable opportunity to experience Australian culture and make friends. But remember not to rely solely on your wages; make sure that you save enough funds in an emergency fund, and create and adhere to a budget.


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