Getting a Library Science Degree Online

library science degree online

Library science degrees offer a great entry point into the world of information. Library professionals are in high demand, and this profession boasts a competitive salary; librarians (such as public relations managers and general librarians ) typically make over $30 an hour! If looking to advance further within this field, pursuing a master of library and information science (MSLIS) master’s program might be appropriate – though most require at least an undergraduate degree from liberal arts disciplines or relevant fields as prerequisite.

Online programs provide students with great academic flexibility, enabling them to continue working full time while taking classes online. Furthermore, many of them also connect students with internships or other hands-on educational opportunities nearby; many may also save tuition costs by selecting an in-state program and applying for financial aid.

Long Island University Post’s Palmer School of Library and Information Science offers online degrees for library science. Long Islanders living near New York should consider this option for their education needs.

This online MLIS closely mirrors that of its on-campus MLIS program and also offers multiple specializations such as school librarianship for those wanting to pursue work in education. University admission criteria is highly competitive with applicants needing at least a 3.0 GPA in core courses before being considered for admission; there may also be graduate assistantships available to help cover tuition. Interested parties can learn more by visiting their college website.


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