How to Study Abroad With Scholarships

How to Study abroad with scholarships

Are You Studying Abroad and Need Extra Funds to Cover Tuition or Living Costs? Look No Further – Here Are Your Solutions If so, this article focuses on various scholarship opportunities available for international study – Academic scholarships; merit-based; need-based; athletic; region or minority specific as well as more.

Your school’s study abroad department can often be the best starting point when searching for scholarship opportunities. Don’t discount their advice simply because they sit in some administrative office near the library – they know which universities are most cost-effective, what types of study abroad options exist (direct exchange, alternative program or faculty-led) as well as any available scholarships from outside sources that may help cover costs associated with studying abroad.

Your prospective host university may offer study abroad scholarships. These incentives may help attract prospective international students and give them a reason to attend their campus, plus these advisors have experience helping their students find out which scholarships exist for studying abroad as well as how they should apply for them.

As well as reaching out to universities directly, be sure to also look at any websites focused on specific countries or regions you’re considering studying in. Such websites often run or are managed by people who have studied abroad themselves and can explain its value to prospective students. Furthermore, such sites can serve as great sources for discovering scholarships and financial aid options available locally.

Once your research is complete, make a list of all the scholarships for which you are eligible. Some scholarship applications have strict eligibility requirements, so only apply for scholarships for which you know you meet them without fail. It can also help having someone review your essay prior to submission if they’ve gone through the scholarship application process before.

Scholarship amounts will depend on which organization grants it; some will pay directly to students while others send the money directly to universities and programs where students attend; for instance, Australia’s University of Adelaide offers scholarships that cover tuition fees, health insurance premiums and provide postgraduate students with a stipend.

As a general rule, scholarships with more stringent requirements tend to be more competitive; however, that shouldn’t discourage you from applying for every opportunity you qualify for.