Make a Difference With a Global Summer Internship

global summer internship

Students looking to make an impactful difference in the world have few better experiences than participating in an international summer internship. Available worldwide, these internships allow students to combine academic studies with hands-on internship experience related to their career interests or graduate school application requirements while becoming immersed in local culture and challenging preconceived notions as they build networks and confidence while becoming more independent while expanding professional capabilities.

Internships are increasingly sought-after by employers and graduate schools as evidence of international work and life experience, yet students often struggle to find one due to competition among applicants for limited positions abroad. To separate themselves, interns need to stand out from their competition by showing commitment, flexibility, cross-cultural competency and adaptability. According to Diversity Abroad, international internship experience demonstrates commitment, flexibility cross-cultural competency adaptability.

The Einaudi Center provides both in-person and virtual global internship opportunities in diverse fields such as business, art, engineering, climate and sustainability, education and public health. Students benefit from working alongside leading experts in their respective field as mentors provide valuable networking opportunities that could open doors to employment or graduate study opportunities later on. All internships also come equipped with generous guaranteed funding awards to cover travel and internship-related expenses. For more information please attend a Global First Steps session or visit our International Internships page.


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